Our achievements

iStock_000009534994XSmallThirty five years ago spinal cord injury was considered incurable and few people, if any, were contemplating research into repair. Today we are nearing clinical trials of therapies that will restore movement and feeling and transform the lives of paralysed people.

Spinal Research has been there from the beginning, playing a key role in building the field of spinal cord injury research, both nationally and internationally.

We saw the importance of funding the best projects and researchers in the UK and abroad, not only to return the best results but to sow international interest in spinal cord repair. We have helped to spread the message worldwide by publishing our Research Strategy in peer-reviewed journals, encouraging discussion and debate.

As a founding member of the International Campaign for Cures of Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis (ICCP), we have supported the development of international guidelines for clinical trials in this field.

We are proud to have supported major breakthroughs, including the discovery of:

  • inhibitory factors within the scar tissue of spinal cord injury that stop nerve fibre regenerating
  • specialised olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) in the nose and brain that can be used to guide and encourage nerve regrowth

Other recent projects have included the development of ReJoyce, a computerised rehabilitation workstation for hand and arm exercises, which uses video games based on everyday tasks.  Developed by Professor Prochazka’s team at the University of Alberta, Canada, ReJoyce can improve hand function by over 17% compared to conventional treatment.  It is now available commercially and is being used in spinal cord injury centres around the world. Spinal Research has been offered share options in the development company so that profits from this and future innovations can be re-invested in new science.

None of this would be possible without your support. Thank you.