Research Excellence

Spinal Research is the UK’s leading and most influential spinal cord repair charity. We set the standard for spinal cord research across the world and are at the forefront of developing strategies for repair.

Leading the way
We fund more research into the repair of spinal cord injury than any other charity in the UK and aim to build on our achievements year after year until we find an effective treatment for spinal cord injury.

Over the last 30 years, we have achieved a number of groundbreaking changes in the field and are ever closer to translating laboratory findings into therapies for real people. Our priority now is to develop a UK Translational Research Network for spinal cord injury repair, providing a world class resource that will change the lives of people affected by spinal cord injury.

Influencing the research agenda
As a founding member and current chair of the International Campaign for Cures for spinal cord injury Paralysis (ICCP), we have played a significant role in the development of the ICCP Clinical Trials Guidelines for spinal cord injury – a global reference standard.

We continue to exert influence amongst international stakeholders and collaborate with medical research charities and networks worldwide. We work with other foundations both here and abroad to create strategic alliances by co-funding initiatives and peer reviews to create critical capital for larger and longer-term research programmes, and reduce unnecessary duplication of activity. We also contribute to the wider debate surrounding medical research by participating in the Medical Research Council, the Association of Medical Research Charities and the United Kingdom Spinal Cord Injury Research Network.

A recent working partnership with the National Spinal Cord Injury Strategy Board culminated in the development of a national patient registry and clinical outcomes database which will be used by the spinal injury units across the UK to collect information on the patient care pathway. This is an important first step towards the establishment of successful clinical trials in the near future and will put the UK at the forefront of clinical research in spinal cord injury.