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Welcome to our research news page. Here you will find information on the latest research events, news letters, items in the press and other significant stories relevant to spinal cord injury and repair.


New findings on breathing recovery 24/03/2015

Recently we have had news of some major research developments from Ohio, so we asked two of our funded researchers in the city to tell us more about their work and collaborations.

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The Solomons Award 19/12/2014

We were delighted to launch a new annual award this year for research projects which can accelerate the delivery of innovative findings to the clinic. The award has been generously funded by Mrs Jill Solomons in memory of her late husband, Dr Bethel Solomons MD MA FRCP. The first project supported is a clinical study into alleviation of incontinence in patients with […]

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New NRB PhD Studentships awarded 09/10/2014

Spinal Research prides itself in offering support to the most promising students in the field of spinal cord repair through its Nathalie Rose Barr (NRB) PhD Studentship Programme.

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Electrical stimulation offers hope 29/07/2014

News that four paralysed young men were able to flex their toes, ankles and knees after electrical stimulation by researchers in the United States recently dominated world news headlines.

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Gene therapy breakthrough 01/07/2014

A breakthrough result with gene therapy and the wonder enzyme chondroitinase at King’s College, London could bring clinical trials one step closer.

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