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Outcomes and Impact


ReJoyce Funding of the Edmonton Project led to the development, testing and eventual commercialisation of a new upper limb tele-rehabilitation system called ReJoyce. ReJoyce simulates activities of daily living, leading to improvements in function versus conventional therapy. It is now is part of a suite of innovative rehabilitation devices provided by Rehabtronics, Inc.

European Multi-centre Study for Spinal Cord Injury (EMSCI)

Funding to the Zurich Project has helped develop validated and quantifiable outcome measures that are now incorporated in many clinical trial designs. EMSCI is recognised as one of the world’s leading clinical spinal cord injury research networks. The suite of outcome measures and expertise our Clinical Initiative helped develop has been a key attraction for those seeking to trial new therapies. Recent trials include Stem Cells, Inc as well as a forthcoming trial for anti-NOGO therapy.

Electrical perception threshold test

Funding to the London Project led to development of the quantitative electrical perception threshold test that has allowed clinical researchers and triallists to determine changes in sensory function across the body.


The Spinal Research Clinical Initiative resulted in more than 40 publications, which are listed here.

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