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Eric Keeler's Corner to Corner Challenge

4,200 miles in 210 days across the USA

Corner to Corner

On 29 April 2018 Eric Keeler will begin his run from one corner of the United States to the other, making the trip entirely by foot. He will be starting in Lubec, Maine on the Canadian border, and travelling through 15 states and 11 major cities along the way, before finishing at the Mexican border at San Diego, California in early December 2018.

The excitement has already set in, thinking about all of the places which I will be passing through, and all of the sights I will experience.

Eric, speaking at the launch of this challenge (Feb 2016)

The Challenge

"I hope to cover around 50km every day, and take a few days to explore the sights and big cities when I reach them! Obviously it is impossible to say that I will be able to make 50km every day, some days could be through mountains, bad weather or in the desert, but I am hoping that the good days will make up for the bad ones! I will be taking everything I need in a modified baby stroller, donned with logos, sponsors and solar panels to keep all my electronics going in the middle of nowhere. I will be mostly living in a tent along the way, but if anybody offers me a bed, sofa or floor for the night, it would be rude not to accept!

I am funding this trip by myself, and every penny that is donated to the charity WILL go directly to the charity. So I will be looking for help along the way as well corporate sponsors to lend a helping hand. The main aim of the trip is to raise funds and awareness for the charity Spinal Research. I will be contacting every newspaper, TV station and radio station as I possibly can along the way so that I can spread the word of the charity and the run to as many people as possible. So if you are in the media business in America please get in touch.

I hope that you stick with me over the next two years of training and preparations for this momentous event and, of course, the seven months following through America. If you would like to know more about the run then please get in touch."

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I can't stop my brain from wanting to out do itself. After I had done a marathon my brain wouldn't let me rest until I did a 50km then a 100km. So I thought I'd find the biggest race I could to satisfy it.

Eric, explaining why he chose this challenge

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