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James McCorkindale's Arctic Challenge

The Arctic Challenge

In May 2017 James successfully challenged his endurance, fear of walking over hidden bottomless crevasses, and venturing into polar bear territory in below freezing temperatures of the Arctic, for his brother Jonathan and to help everyone with a spinal cord injury.

My brother Jonathan was involved in a road traffic accident, and that same day he was told he would never walk again. He was just 22 at the time.

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About the challenge

For the Arctic Challenge James flew into the most northerly settlement in the world (78 degrees north) and immerse himself in a remote, high arctic environment on this full-on wilderness skiing expedition. His expedition involved travelling on cross-country touring skis that he's never tried before and pulling a pulk (sledge) over melting ice at the time of year which is most dangerous. This was a serious challenge and surviving the Arctic climate tests an individual on a number of levels. It tests endurance both physically and mentally with its unforgiving nature. It tests survival knowledge and ability to adapt, but most of all it tests the will to survive.

James is no novice when it comes to endurance challenges. On Father's Day in 2016 he raised funds and awareness for MS, which his dad suffered with for 21 years before he sadly passed away when James was 18, by climbing Snowdon three times in under 12 hours, covering over a marathon in distance wearing a 45 lb pack. James has chosen to support Spinal Research for his Arctic Challenge after his brother Jonathan was tragically involved in a serious road traffic collision. At age just 22 James' brother was told he would never be able to walk again.

Following his successfully challenge he said: "Great to be back, but missing it already. What a place, it was epic! I'm amazed how much I raised, truly fantastic." James raised an amazing £11,243.74, smashing his original target of £6,000.

THANK YOU James, you're an Arctic legend!

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I only skied past polar bear foot prints, thankfully no encounter.

James, relieved on not coming face to face with a polar bear

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