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Maxs Protein Bars

#TeamSpinal Official Nutritional Partner 2017

Max’s Protein Bars

Max’s Protein Bars is our ‘Official Nutritional Partner’ for 2017 helping #TeamSpinal stay fueled when training for their events.

They will be supporting our event participants with discounts on their products, and Spinal Research with awareness raising with social media exposure and blog articles.

Max's Bar with Countryside background

Asking me to choose my favourite Max's protein bar is like asking me to choose my favourite child....impossible!

Mal, Max's Protein Bar customer

Max's Story

I have always tried to eat healthily but I have stayed away from protein bars due to their complicated ingredients list, countless E-numbers and unnatural taste. I remember picking one up and being unable to pronounce 90% of the ingredients. My thought process was that they should be a really convenient and healthy snack, made using great ingredients and be great on the go, after a workout, or in the afternoon while at the desk.

My brother agreed so we played around with a few recipes, made plenty of mistakes, but finally we had a bar we were happy with. We enjoyed them but we were still surprised by their success when they sold out at our first market stall. It seemed that we had created something that people genuinely did want and not simply me and my brother.

From this, I thought a protein bar which containing only natural ingredients might be a product that other people were looking for too. As a result, Max’s Protein Bar was born which prioritises natural ingredients and flavours. And while I am not claiming to be a nutritionist, I have made sure that all my bars have a good macronutrient profile of protein, carbohydrates and fats. They are made in Britain to ensure each bar is like the first batch I made myself. I hope you enjoy my naturally powered protein bar and I’d love to hear your feedback.
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