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We are building a future in spinal cord injury research.

Nathalie Rose Barr Award

Our aim is to encourage high-quality research into regeneration and repair in the injured spinal cord by fostering a new generation of dedicated scientists and clinicians. We are focused on ensuring that we have the necessary breadth of skills and experience to develop treatments for spinal cord injury.

We have funded over 40 student awards under this grant, here are the latest three awards.

University of Oxford: The contribution of extracellular vesicles to the outcome of spinal cord injury

University of Birmingham: The role of aquaporin-4 in limiting acute oedema after spinal cord injury

King’s College London: Improving grasping and reducing spasticity after spinal cord injury with a clinically relevant delivery of Neurotrophin-3 to muscles, initiated after 24 hours

Spinal Research student, Alba

Spinal Research is funding great projects around the world, meaning a great move towards discovery. I can only say thank you for the great opportunity of having a Nathalie Rose Barr award to fund my work.

Alba Guijarro Belmar, PhD student at University of Aberdeen

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Funding more students will help increase, and speed up, research into repairing spinal cord injury