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Thirty five years ago spinal cord injury was considered incurable

Few people, if any, were contemplating research into repair. Today we are nearing clinical trials of therapies that will restore movement and feeling and transform the lives of paralysed people.

The Facts

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People in the UK and Ireland are paralysed due to spinal cord injury

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More than 2.5 million people worldwide live with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury

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People, every day in the United Kingdom, are told they will never walk again

Spinal Research has been there from the beginning,

playing a key role in building the field of spinal cord injury research, both nationally and internationally. We saw the importance of funding the best projects and researchers in the UK and abroad, not only to return the best results but to sow international interest in spinal cord repair. We have helped to spread the message worldwide by publishing our Research Strategy in peer-reviewed journals, encouraging discussion and debate.