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SCI Tri Challenge

Swim, cycle, run

What is the challenge?

The SCI Tri Challenge is a swim/cycle/run challenge like a triathlon. However, it is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible from the young to the older to the not-very-fit-but-willing to the super fit. Therefore, individuals can take part either by doing all three elements themselves or by forming a team with one or two friends so that the three elements are covered between them.

The ethos of the challenge is that the distances covered should be a challenge for the individual taking part and, therefore, are variable rather than setting one goal for everyone. There are three suggested options or a Make Your Own if you’d like to determine your own distances.

The Mini 1km run/wheel/walk/push - 5km cycle or para-cycle - 50 length swim *

The Midi 5km walk/run/wheel - 50km cycle or para-cycle - 500 length swim

The Maxi 10km walk/run/wheel -100km cycle or para-cycle -1000 length swim

Make Your Own Teams or individuals choose their own distances to ensure that the challenge is right for you.

* A length = 25m

When and how?

You can take part in the challenge between July and August. All the distances in the triathlon can be completed as and when, and where you can.

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