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We are detemined to take promising research from the laboratory to healthcare environments

Special Emphasis Networks

Our Special Emphasis Network is a major initiative launched in 2015. The aim is to bring together a community of academic and clinical expertise and resources with the critical mass to tackle currently unmet priority needs for people with spinal cord injury.

We think the most effective way to progress the research into spinal cord injury is for researchers to work together and share findings.

The strategic aims of this programme are

  • support collaborative, multi-disciplinary outcome-driven research initiatives and move the focus away from isolated, novelty-driven discovery science
  • bring together and harmonise expertise in the UK - building capacity to deliver results
  • build commercial and strategic alliances and partnerships
  • establish clinical trials capacity in the UK

Special Emphasis Network on bladder, bowel and sexual function

Spinal Research is committed to developing treatments to restore bladder, bowel and sexual function to people with spinal injuries. New research has now made these achieveable goals. Accomplishing this commitment will have a dramatic impact on dignity, independence, personal freedom and full participation in society.

Bladder problems are the number one reason for hospital admittance in spinal cord injury in the first three years. (NHS Survey on spinal cord injury)

Bladder, bowel and sexual function are high priorities for people with spinal cord injury. Bringing together experts in neurobiology, biocompatible devices and neuromodulation, from academic and clinical positions, will allow innovative thinking and above all, solutions.

The bladder, bowel and sexual function SEN members

•    Professor Elizabeth Bradbury
•    Dr Lynsey Duffell
•    Professor James Fawcett
•    Professor Nick Donaldson
•    Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama
•    Dr Nicolas Granger
•    Dr Angela Gall
•    Professor Stephen MacMahon
•    Dr Sarah Knight

Latest news and information

Bladder, bowel and sexual function

Dr Mark Bacon of Spinal Research

If we are to see an acceleration in the development of effective treatments for spinal cord injury, researchers, medics and government departments need to be clear about the mission. It is about patient benefits, patient outcomes. Putting those outcomes at the heart of our research aims is the only way to remain focused and set project deliverables. Managing this process is a big part of our Special Emphasis Networks initiative.

Dr Mark Bacon, Spinal Research

Change is possible but we need your support

We are determined to increase research that will lead to effective treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.