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Tara Stewart. Imagecourtesy of The Daily Telegraph

Tara's story.

Tara tells of her riding accident and her fundraising

I fell from my horse and broke my neck in July 2014.

Lying in a field, surrounded by open countryside, there was no way a normal ambulance could have reached me and, undiscovered as I had been for five and a half hours, time was of the essence. The air ambulance saved my life.

Now, I find myself tetraplegic and in a wheelchair, paralysed from the chest down so I have a first-hand understanding of the absolute devastation to a life an injury like this can cause. As such I believe very passionately in the work of Spinal Research to fund a cure into spinal-cord injury.

Previously considered medically impossible, the last few years have seen some big breakthroughs in this area and more money is needed to keep pushing the frontiers of science.

Tara and Victor

I was just 43 when I had my accident, and getting used to never again doing all the things I enjoyed – running, riding, swimming, cycling, working, walking my dog – I couldn’t do anymore, has been an uphill battle.

Tara - injured in 2014 at C6/7Abstract grid icon

Tara is now undertaking intense physiotherapy, determined to continue her rehabilitation. She is also fundraising for Spinal Research and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. You can visit her fundraising website here or donate via the link below.

Tara and her dog Bramham

I firmly believe that discovering a cure for paralysis will be the next great medical breakthrough of the 21st-century.