Virgin London Marathon 2010 – Event Report

Spinal Research says “THANK YOU” to all their Virgin London Marathon 2010 runners!

Just like the headline states we would like to say THANK YOU to everyone that ran and raised money for Spinal Research by taking part in the Virgin London Marathon.

Race weekend started with a Pasta Party for any runners that could make it to the Custom House Hotel on the Saturday. There was some good food on offer, mainly pasta, of which I’m sure you’re sick of now! There was a chance to chat to and get to know other Spinal Research runners, hear some last minute race day advice from Graeme Hilditch – the author of our training guides, a few words about the charity from Jonathan Miall – our CEO, and test the gray matter with our quiz!

Speaking of the quiz, the teams were quite evenly matched. The winners turned out to be the Rookies team with 12 points, although there were allegations of cheating by using a London Marathon magazine. They stand firm by saying they were “using their initiative” because teams were not allowed to use iPhones!! Their prize was a few bags of Jelly Babies, which they donated back for use at the cheering point. If you picked some up when you saw us you know who to thank! A few people turned up later on and tried the quiz and although no one beat the Rookies, Team Rawson did match them so well done to them.

So, race day came around and despite the weather reports the heat never came and we got showers early on. These were perfect running conditions and I’m sure everyone was relieved while lining up for the 2010 race to get underway.

Back at the Spinal Research cheering point we were busy setting up our banners, flags, etc, ready for everyone to run by. We had reports that our banners were spotted on the BBC coverage when the elite runners went passed. Something we need to check as its great publicity!

We hope that you spotted us when you came past, especially our thank you banner that was attached to the footbridge. Unfortunately you may not have heard us from quite as far away as we had anticipated. It turns out that the police were expecting trouble from a gang clash and said that we could not have the usual loud and energetic DJ. Thankfully there was no trouble, but it did mean that our cheerleaders/dancers were unable to do their routine to music. They did however make lots of noise on the sidelines and we thank them for coming all the way from Derby to support us.

We believe that our quickest runner was Alan Crozier in 03:16:31, closely followed by Tim Wagg in 03:23:24. These are both fantastic times, but we all know it’s not all about the time and more about the experience and the good that your sponsorship will do for others.

One point to mention with regard to sponsorship is that our target for the Virgin London Marathon was £250,000 and we look set to reach it. So remember that you have all done something amazing and it’s never too late to get a few more pennies to add to your total!

From everyone at Spinal Research, we want to say thank you again for all your hard work and support over the many months you have spend training and fundraising. Without your support, we would be unable to continue our fantastic work.

Oh and remember that the ballot for next year opens on 4th May. So if you fancy doing it again then sign up quickly as it filled up within 2 days last year!